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Karen G. Pollard, CEcD, EDP
Econonic Development Manager
Jenn Marsh
Economic Development Specialist
Jennifer A. Murphy Aubin
Executive Secretary

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Call 603.335.7522
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The Economic Development office is temporarily located at the Rochester Community Center while we handle our growing City's space needs. The Community Center is located at 150 Wakefield Street, 7/10 of a mile to the north from City Hall. From City Hall, continue north on Wakefield Street, make a left turn immediately following the Spaulding High School Athletic Fields.

Upon entering the building continue past the Recreation Offices, turn right and continue past Head start and the Rochester School Facilities Office. Economic Development is on the right, and is staffed part-time. Please call for a confidential appointment 603-335-7522.


From South:
  1. Take I-95 N toward NH/Maine.
  2. Take Exit 4 (US-4/Rt. 16) on left toward NH Lakes Region/White Mountains/Spaulding Turnpike.
  3. Merge onto Rt. 16 N/Spaulding Turnpike.
  4. Take Exit 11 (Old Dover Rd.) toward Rochester.
  5. Turn slight left onto Old Dover Rd./NH-16B.
  6. Turn right onto Charles St./NH-125 at the light.  Continue to follow NH-125.
  7. The ED office is located in the Rochester Recreation building on the left after the Spaulding High School Athletic Fields.
From Northeast:
  1. Take I-95 S/ Maine Turnpike.
  2. Take Exit 19 (ME-109/ME-9) toward Sanford/Wells.
  3. Turn right onto Sanford Rd./ME-9/ME-109.
  4. Turn left onto ME-9 /N. Berwick Rd.  Continue to follow ME-9.
  5. Turn right onto ME-9/Somersworth Rd.  Continue to follow ME-9.
  6. Turn slight right onto W High St./ NH-236.
  7. Turn right onto NH-108.
  8. Turn right onto NH-125 at the light.  Continue to follow NH-125.
  9. The ED office is located in the Rochester Recreation building on the left after the Spaulding High School Athletic Fields.
From West:
  1. Take US-202 E/ US-4 E toward Rochester/Portsmouth.  Continue to follow US-4 E.
  2. Take a left onto US-202/ NH-9/ Rochester Rd.  Continue to follow US-202 into Rochester.
  3. US-202 turns into Washington St. 
  4. Turn right onto N. Main St.
  5. After the light, get into the left lane.
  6. Turn left at the fork onto Wakefield St. and follow Wakefield St. for about 3/4 mile.
  7. The ED office is located in the Rochester Recreation building on the left after the Spaulding High School Athletic Fields.
From North:
  1. Take Rt. 16 S/White Mountain Highway
  2. Rt. 16 turns into Spaulding Turnpike.
  3. Take Exit 16 toward Spaulding Turnpike Connector
  4. Turn left at RT-11/Spaulding Turnpike Conn/US-202, Continue to follow RT-11/US-202
  5. Take the exit on the left toward Milton Rd/RT-125
  6. Sharp left at Milton Rd/RT-125
  7. Continue to follow RT-125/Wakefield St
  8. The ED office is located in the Rochester Recreation building on the right before the Spaulding High School Athletic Fields.

Rochester Economic Development Commission

Meet the members of the Rochester Economic Development Commission (REDC)/Rochester Industrial Development Authority (RIDA) below. The REDC Agendas and Minutes can be found here.

Richard Lundborn (REDC Chair) – Rick grew up in Rochester and attended Spaulding High School.  He attended Syracuse University and earned a degree in Civil Engineering.  Rick now works at Norway Plains Associates in Rochester.  He is married to Abigail ("Parent") Lundborn also of Rochester and they have a daughter, Betty Lee.


Janet Davis (REDC Secretary) – Janet was born and raised in Rochester. She has been a licensed NH & ME RE Broker for 34+ years and is currently affiliated with Hourihane, Cormier & Associates. She is a Past President of the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, Past President of the Strafford County Board of Realtors, Past Dean of the Tri-State Realtors Graduate Institute, and is presently a Trustee for Frisbie Memorial Hospital. She has been a member of the Rochester Economic Development Commission (REDC) since its inception, and currently serves as the Secretary. Her commitment to the City is to work with fellow Commission members, City Management and the City Council to stimulate business growth as well as revitalize our downtown area.

Susan DeRoy – Susan DeRoy has been actively involved in Rochester since moving to New Hampshire in 2000 and currently operates her business Action Title Services on Whitehall Road.  She serves on the Governmental Affairs Committee for the Rochester Chamber of Commerce, is Chairwoman of the Monarch School of New England, and Cooperator for Frisbie Memorial Hospital.  She’s an active member in Rochester Rotary and is a past President.  Prior to coming to Rochester, Susan was a principal of Doc Data New England, a multimedia manufacturing firm located in Sanford, Maine with sister facilities in California, England, France, Holland and Germany. She served as Chairwoman of the Sanford Chamber of Commerce, member of Kiwanis, Economic Development Committee and Board member for Waban.

Mary-Jo Monusky

Ron Poulin

Timothy Cremmen

Stephen Martineau


Karen Pollard


Mayor TJ Jean

Janet Davis - Secretary
105 Lovell Lake Road
Sanbornville, NH  03872
522-6209 (H) 332-9500 (W)
Term expires: 01/02/2009
Mary-Jo Monusky
21 Roberts Rd
Rochester NH 03867
Term expires: 01/02/
Ron Poulin
3 Landry Lane
Rochester, NH 03867
w) 332-2010
Term expires: 01/02/2011
Timothy Cremmen
42 Holly Park Lane
Rochester, NH 03867
Term expires: 01/02/2012

Term expires: 01/02/00
Richard ‘Rick’ Lundborn, P.E.
PO Box 249, 2 Continental Blvd
Rochester, NH  03867-0249 (office)
240 Washington Street
Dover, NH  03820 (home)
740-0810 (H) 335-3948 (W)
Term expires: 01/02/2010
Susan DeRoy
178 Pine Point Road
New Durham, NH  03855
859-2478 (H) 332-1500 (W)
Term expires: 01/02/2009
Steve Martineau
25 Prospect Street
Rochester, NH 03867
(H) 380-4287
Term Expires 1/02/2013
Wayne Chick
5 Birch Hollow Lane
Rochester, NH  03867
332-0642 (H) 740-3425 (W)
Term expires: 01/02/2011
Ex-Officio Member
Karen Pollard, Economic Dev. Manager
31 Wakefield Street
Located at: 150 Wakefield Street
Rochester, NH  03867
332-7197 (H) 332-7522 (W)
Term expires: Indefinite
Ex- Officio Member
TJ Jean
6 Dublin Way
Rochester, NH 03867
term expires: Jan 2012